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Mobile Vet in Mornington

If you have trouble getting to us, we can come to you! We are happy to be able to provide a local mobile vet service with our clinic van. As we operate from a fully-equipped vet clinic, we can still offer a high standard of care – and can transport your pet back to our clinic for further treatment if necessary. Our mobile vet services include such help as:
  • veterinary home visit
  • home vaccinations for dogs and cats
  • animal euthanization at home
  • pet blood test at home
  • at-home fit-to-fly certificate.
If you are interested in a mobile vet visit, call us to see if we service your area and what appointments we have available. We will always endeavour to accommodate your request and meet the needs of our patients wherever possible.
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Which medical conditions can be managed at home?

Our team of mobile veterinarians in Mornington is well-equipped to address a wide array of medical conditions and administer various treatments in the comfort of your own home. Among the common ailments that can be treated at home are minor injuries, skin infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, arthritis management, and chronic conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease. However, the extent of treatment available may vary depending on the severity of the condition. In instances where specialized equipment or facilities are necessary, our veterinarians may conduct an initial assessment and offer guidance at your residence, subsequently recommending further care at a clinic or referring you to a specialist if deemed necessary.

Are there any steps I should take before the vet comes?

Certainly! There are several things you can do to get ready for a veterinary home visit. It's helpful to gather pertinent information about your pet's medical background, including previous diagnoses, medications, vaccinations, and recent test results. Additionally, jot down any specific concerns or symptoms you've observed in your pet. Create a tranquil and cozy space in your home where the vet can conduct the examination. If you have other pets, it's best to keep them in a separate room during the visit. Lastly, have some treats or rewards available to help keep your pet relaxed and cooperative during the examination.

How can I obtain an at-home fit-to-fly certificate?

To obtain an at-home fit-to-fly certificate, you'll need to furnish your mobile veterinarian with details about your travel itinerary and any stipulations from the airline or travel authorities. Subsequently, the vet will conduct a health assessment and furnish the requisite documentation.

Are at-home veterinary services comparable to clinic visits?

Absolutely. At-home veterinary services are equally as comprehensive as clinic visits. Mobile veterinarians come fully equipped with all necessary tools and equipment to conduct thorough examinations, diagnostics, and treatments right in the comfort of your home. These professionals are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that your pet receives top-notch veterinary care. Despite the different setting, mobile vets offer the same level of attentiveness and precision as clinic visits. They can perform physical exams, administer vaccinations, conduct diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, and devise personalized treatment plans tailored to your pet's individual requirements.

Do you perform surgeries at home?

No, surgical procedures are not performed at home due to the requirement for a sterile and controlled environment. If surgery is needed, we collaborate with local clinics and will refer you to one of our trusted partners.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, as well as VetPay and ZipPay for your convenience.