Our Services

Our  services

Although the Mornington Vet Clinic is a small and personal practice, we are fully equipped to offer the highest level of care for your pets on the Mornington Peninsula. With our large range of diagnostic and surgical equipment, experience, and commitment to keeping up-to-date with current therapies and surgical techniques, you can be sure your pet is receiving the best treatment possible.
You can be confident that you will be given all the treatment options for your pet, and that we will be supportive in helping you make the right decision for you and your companion. 

Please see below for further information on our services.
  • Health Checks And Preventative Medicine
  • Anaesthesia
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Pathology
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hospitalisation
  • Mobile Vet

Health Checks And
Preventative Medicine

The most important service we offer is that of health checks and preventative medicine, which includes vaccinating, parasite control, good nutrition and weight management.

Health checks are extremely important for the early detection of any abnormality that may arise. Regular health checks have allowed us to save, or extend the lives of countless companions. We believe the health check is the most important component of your pet’s annual visit.

There are a range of vaccines available these days, and evolving views on what we should immunise our pets against and how frequently to do so. The number of anti-parasitic products is also constantly growing. We are always happy to discuss the options with you so you can make an informed decision on the best options for your pets.


Safety is our primary priority when it comes to anaesthesia. Anaesthetic protocols are tailored to your pet’s needs and the safest, shortest acting anaesthetics are used. To further increase safety, body parameters are constantly monitored throughout the procedure.

Using dedicated equipment, we are able to monitor parameters such as blood pressure, heart electrical signals and rhythm, pulse rate and strength, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and core body temperature. We are also able to perform pre-anaesthetic blood testing in-house so underlying diseases are not missed.


With the aid of our ultrasonic scaler, high and low speed dental hand-pieces and other specialised dental instruments, we are able to perform a scale and polish to extend the life of your pet’s teeth, or even minor to major surgical dental extractions if needed.

Combining the use of anaesthetics, nerve blocks and ample analgesia, we aim to send your pet home as comfortable as possible.


The clinic is well equipped to perform a large range of surgical procedures. With Adam’s special interest in surgery, outfitted operating theatre and range of surgical equipment including electrosurgical unit, heated operating table, suction units, orthopedic power tools, bone plating and repair kits and more, we are able to perform an extensive repertoire of procedures.

Some of the surgeries performed at Mornington Vet Clinic include de-sexing, external and internal cancer excision, bone fracture repairs, cruciate rupture surgeries including triple tibial osteotomy, amputations, major internal organ surgeries, plastic/reconstructive surgery and much more.


Radiographs, or X-Rays, are commonly used for the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of conditions.

From fractured bones to finding that missing toy! As X-Rays are developed at the clinic, they are ready for viewing with a couple of minutes.


Our digital ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool. It allows us visualise internal organs in great detail, test for pregnancy, estimate date of parturition, take various measurements of organs and tissues and guides biopsy needles to areas of interest.

We are also able to perform echocardiography, using the ultrasound to visualise the heart and take multiple measurement to diagnose heart disease and report of the performance of the heart.


Pathology is performed either within the clinic, or sent to a pathologist at an external laboratory as required.

Our clinic blood analysis machine can test the levels of various chemicals and enzymes for the diagnosis of disease, monitoring body functions or checking organs prior to anaesthetics. When very comprehensive or specialised tests are required, we obtain the sample and organise prompt courier transport to an external laboratory.

Our quality microscope is also frequently used for a multitude of purposes such as identifying parasites, determining ear infection organisms, diagnosing lumps and estimating breeding times.


For the treatment of certain cancers, or as an adjunct to surgery, we have a chemotherapy service using the latest drug protocols, many similar to those used in humans.

With careful monitoring, we can normally avoid or minimize side-effects.


When hospitalised, pets are kept in one of our two heated and air-conditioned kennel rooms. Both rooms are sealed with all air being exhausted to the exterior. This ensures only fresh air enters the room and contaminated air is not circulated throughout the rest of the building.

Having two sealed rooms also allows us to separate cats from dogs, or use one as an isolation room if a patient has a contagious disease.

Mobile Vet

Do you have trouble travelling or getting your pet in the car? If so, our Mobile Vet Service may be the answer. Servicing Mornington and most surrounding suburbs, our Vet Van can come to you, and since our mobile service operates from a fully equipped clinic, you can be sure your pet will get the highest level of care.

Our Vet Van also doubles as a Pet Taxi, so if your pet needs further diagnostics or in-clinic procedures, we can organise to transport your pet to the clinic and home again.

Please call us on 5975 3811 if you have questions regarding our Mobile Vet Service.