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Have You Considered an Alternative Small Pet?

February 2, 2015

Are you living somewhere devoid of a lot of space, are you a bit apprehensive of large animals or are you considering getting your child a small pet of their own? Well here are few small animals to consider;


• Hamsters come in a wide range of coat types and colours.
• They are ideal to keep on their own.
• Great to handle.
• Keep in mind they are nocturnal by nature, so sleep a lot during the day.


• There is a great variety of size, colour and types of lizards. Do a little research on what would be best suited.
• Bearded dragons are very popular as they have a friendly nature.
• Lizards bond with their owners, so it is a really good idea to get them from when they are a hatchling.

Tortoises and Turtles:

• They often win a popularity contest in many peoples’ eyes when it comes to comparing them to other reptiles.
• The can be tamed quite easily
• Both come in a wide range of interesting sizes, shapes and colours
• They are best kept inside in warmer areas and should have both wet and dry areas to live in.

Rats and Mice:

• These are highly intelligent animals, so are good to train and teach tricks
• Great companions when handled a lot
• Do not keep rats and mice together, as rats will attack mice

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