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Our wide range of diagnostic imaging modalities assists us in reaching a diagnosis as quickly as possible whilst being minimally invasive.


Our endoscope is an incredible piece of equipment. It includes a special camera that enables us to gain access & visualise certain areas within the body, whilst being minimally invasive & thus allowing a quicker recovery for your pet.

Our endoscope enables us to:

  • Visualise and capture images of the parts of digestive & respiratory tract
  • Collect samples for laboratory analysis to assist with making a diagnosis


Our advanced digital radiography unit allows us to take & assess images within seconds.

Our Radiography unit enables us to:

  • Capture images of the skeleton; assisting us with identifying fractures, joint disease (arthritis), certain bone cancers or infections
  • Capture images of the chest; assisting us with identifying underlying heart or respiratory disease
  • Capture images of the abdomen; assisting us with identifying foreign bodies, cancers & intra-abdominal disease


Our digital ultrasound is a useful diagnostic & emergency tool. It allows us to visualise internal organs in detail, assess for the presence of free fluid, confirm pregnancy, estimate the date of parturition & guide biopsy needles. Our unit is also capable of echocardiography which assists with the diagnosis & treatment of heart disease.