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Keeping Your Bird Warm in Winter

August 4, 2014

Birds can be ill equipped to keep warm over the winter months, so it is important to take extra care with their environment over this time. Here are some things that will help keep your bird comfortable and warm.


Most bird cages will have a cover to give the bird privacy and cover them up at night. Over winter, make sure that this cover is well insulated or a good thickness to keep the draught out. Perhaps swap to a thicker blanket or look at getting a new winter crafted cover.


Heat lamps are a good way to effectively and safely give your bird some extra warmth.


Birds can lose a lot of heat through their feet, so a heated perch is an excellent way to warm them up from the feet up.


These are probably more suited to smaller birds. Cage tents are a small enclosure that fits in your cage, they are soft and warm and the bird can pop inside them for a bit of extra warmth and even the feeling of security.


As with any animal, and indeed ourselves, movement will keep your bird warm and help alleviate boredom. Making sure your bird has some good toys will help to promote this movement.

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