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Our veterinarians & nurses have access to an in-house laboratory, which includes state-of-the-art blood analysing machines & a microscope. These impressive pieces of equipment aid in the diagnostic process by providing rapid results, enabling faster diagnosis & treatment.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to:

  • Perform pre-anaesthetic bloods on the day of a procedure or surgery to ensure your pet is safe to be placed under anaesthesia
  • Identify diseases specific to certain organs, thus aiding with diagnosis, treatment & monitoring of disease & treatment processes
  • Perform urinalysis, assisting with identifying the presence of urinary infections, crystals, stones, or underlying kidney disease
  • Analyse ear smears, skin scrapes & hair plucks to assess for the presence of infections & parasites within the ears & skin
  • Sample lumps, which aids in diagnosing certain benign & malignant cancers

When comprehensive or specialised tests are required, we are able to obtain samples & organise prompt courier transport to an external laboratory.