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Bladder Infections in our Pets

March 2, 2015

With Autumn right around the corner your cat is more likely to develop a bladder infection. Cats who are more reluctant to go out in changing weather to wee outside, will often get retention cystitis. This is very common in cats and some dogs and the following are some ways to help you deal with bladder infections and some early warning signs.

Firstly, male cats can get a totally obstructed urethra within hours from bladder stones caused by bladder infections, so if you see your cat or dog repeatedly straining to urinate, they must be taken immediately to your veterinarian. Bladder obstructions are serious and can cause death very quickly. Female cats have a wider urethra so can more often be treated safely at home. However, we strongly recommend having your vet take a look if this is the first time they’ve had this problem.


To help naturally treat and prevent bladder infections, your cat or dog needs acidic urine. Acidic urine will dissolve bladder stones and make bacterial infection very unlikely, as the bacteria cannot usually survive in acidic urine. Make sure they have plenty of water to drink, you can mix in a pinch or teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder twice daily. Make sure you use this acidic form of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate are respectively alkaline or neutral so cannot be used). Acidifying the urine can drastically decrease the chances of cystitis. However make sure to provide fresh water as well, your cat may not like the powdered water, and proper water intake is essential in ensuring a healthy bladder for your cat. If your cat is prone to bladder problems it is essential you consult your vet on the right regime before implementing it!


Studies have shown that mixing your cats diet with dry and wet food can help a cat get the hydration it may lack by drinking water alone. Some dried foods are specifically made for this type of condition and are more acidic and contain less magnesium (a component of bladder stones). To incorporate wet food into the diet try raw meat, as it produces acidic urine a few hours after it’s eaten, giving the bladder a nice wash out. For cats that are prone to urinary issues, a proper diet is very important in maintaining their health and well-being, so you should always consult your vet before making diet related changes.

Whether cat or dog, urinary problems can be found in most species and for the best results in treating bladder infections, you should definitely contact your veterinarian and begin treatments, with ongoing monitoring of urine.

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