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Make Those Flies Buzz Off!

February 23, 2015

As many dog owners know, the trauma caused by fly bites can be a frustrating problem. Flies seem particularly fond of ear margins, especially the ear tip. They will occasionally settle for tip of the tail.

The bitten area gets damaged and may ooze blood, attracting more flies looking for a desirable snack. Hair loss occurs and the areas often become infected.

Treating fly bite dermatitis requires a two-pronged attack. First is the need to protect the damaged, at risk areas. This can be done by selecting from the vast armoury of creams, sprays and spot ons available on the market. Ask your vet about which products he or she finds most successful in your particular area, and be sure to use it frequently. Your vet may also need to prescribe antibiotics if the ears or other bitten areas have become infected.

The second part of the attack is aimed at reducing the number of flies in the dog’s environment. Remove old bones and uneaten food. Regularly pick up any faeces in the garden. Sticky fly strips can be hung above kennels and around your dog’s favourite resting areas. Finally, arm the kids with fly swats and tell them it’s for a good cause!

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