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The Fleas Are Flying

January 31, 2019

When it’s hot out many of us bask in the warmth, and those pesky fleas are no different! During the warmer part of the year it’s not uncommon for flea activity to increase. Why is this?

Warm weather provides optimal conditions for the life cycle of fleas, this means that new adult fleas can be active as soon as 3 weeks after being laid. But what is the life cycle of a flea?

ADULT FLEA: Adult fleas happily live and feed on your pet, females will then begin to lay eggs within 48 hours.

EGGS: These eggs then fall off the host and into the environment, this can be any where but is often places where the pet spends a lot of time or rubs themselves around; for example, beds, carpet and in the garden.

LARVAE: Comfortable and safe in a dark environment, larvae will then enter their development, this is comprised of three different stages.

PUPAE: Once the larvae have developed, they will undergo a metamorphosis into adult fleas, this is done via a pupae. These adults remain fully developed in their cocoon, and can do so for up to six months as they wait for a suitable host.

The warm weather also encourages any dormant flea pupae to emerge and find a suitable host, in other words your pet.

The importance of familiarising yourself with the life cycle flea is imperative in beating an infestation.

However, it is also important to know how fleas live even if your pet is regularly treated with flea prevention product. When it’s hot you will often see adult fleas, even on your treated pet, the life cycle is very fast so new fleas are often emerging and will do their best to find a suitable host, your pet! BUT! If your pet is treated regularly with a good quality flea prevention, no adult can survive on your pet, and they don’t want your blood! The adults will die and any that take their place after will too, but only if you maintain a flea prevention scheme.

For more information on fleas, preventative measures and treatment click here. You can also contact the clinic on (03) 5975 3811 and our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with more information.

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