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Keeping Your Pets Happy Over Winter

June 16, 2014

Even pets can get the winter blues, so it can help to give them some extra attention and cuddles over the cooler months when everyone’s moods can drop just a little. Here are some other vital tips for keeping your pets happy and cosy over winter.


We all know how easy it is to go into hibernation mode over winter and avoid exercise, but it is good for you and your dog to keeps up with the walks and exercise. It is worth braving the weather and putting on a few extra layers to get outdoors. Keeping your pet moving helps with joint health and mobility and prevent arthritic animals from seizing up as much.


Some extra blankets and/or padding on your pet’s bed will make a great difference. Also make sure that their bed is away from draughty, cold and damp areas. Raised beds are great for avoiding draughts and cold coming from hard floors. For outdoor animals, make sure their shelter is well insulated and protected from the elements.


Don’t assume that your pet doesn’t need a trim up over winter if they have regular grooming. Coats being left to grow too long in an attempt to keep your cat or dog warm can lead to skin irritations and matting. It is a good idea to perhaps keep their cut a little longer than in other seasons and you can add extra warmth with a rug or coat for your pet.


In the search for the ultimate warm spot your pet might get themselves into danger. Be aware that your cat (or your neighbours) might be hiding under your car or in your engine to keep warm. They might get too close to an open fire, so it is always good to have the guard up so that sparks don’t land on their coat.

Finally make sure that you keep an eye on animals around heaters that can be knocked over.


It is just as important in winter for your pet to have access to plenty of water. If you live in a very cold area and their water supply is outside, make sure it doesn’t get iced over. Indoor heating can cause some dehydration, so make sure they have access to water even when you are all bundled up in one area keeping warm.


Fleas are not just a summer problem. Heated homes can set off a fleas cycle as well as the warmer weather, so make sure you keep your pets treated all throughout the year.

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